A healthy lifestyle is accessible!

Throughout our lives we latch onto habits that we may perceive as innocent. But what happens if that innocent habit accumulates into a negative? This can be as simple slouching at work or staring at a screen till 2AM. Because of this we decided to bring in the big brains! We had a little chat with acupuncturist extraordinaire, Lana Stacy! Keep reading so she can teach you proper digestive health and self-care!

A habit, that some may say is specific to the Northeast, is having iced

drinks in the winter. Why is this bad for us?

From the Chinese Medicine perspective, iced or very cold drinks

are hard on both the stomach and digestion. If you think of your

stomach as an oven, taking in cold food and drink requires more

effort by the stomach to digest it. Cold also tends to make

musculature contract, slowing peristalsis and digestion. This then

leads to constipation, bloating, abdominal discomfort, and other

digestive issues. Stick to hot, warm, or room temperature drinks,

especially in the winter!

How do we combat difficult digestion?

The best way to help digestion, as mentioned previously, is to eat

warm, cooked foods. This is easier on the stomach to digest and

does not slow down the process. It’s a great idea to also ‘eat with

the seasons.’ For the winter, heavier foods such as protein

(specifically red meat) and fats are important to nourish the body

through the cold season. Finally, taking something such as bitters