Candles & Cocktails: Interview with Leah Pupkin

Taste and smell are the two twin flames of the senses family. They can compete but they can also pair perfectly to give you a delightful sensual experience that is rooted in your memory for a lifetime. Recently, at NoseBest HQ we have been experimenting with how we can help our customers create their own “relaxation ritual” at home through various activities that involve awakening your other senses while enjoying NoseBest Candles. As a hospitality professional I have always appreciated the art of cocktail making and when creating scents for our candle line we definitely use some of the same techniques to make sure things blend together to make the perfect concoction. Let us know in the comments what your favorite activity to pair with burning a soothing smell is!

Meet Leah Pupkin:

I asked a talented Oregon based mixologist to help us out with creating some divine cocktails inspired by our original scents that you can attempt to make at home as well. Leah aka @thebardirector has launched bar programs and won cocktail competitions all over New York City, Long Island, and Australia. Pre-quarantine, she ran the bar program for Manhattan’s first axe-throwing bar, Live Axe, and slinging drinks at The Flower Shop. She also runs the only blog for film reviews accompanied by tailored cocktail pairings; you can read her reviews and sip cocktail recipes at

B: How has PDX differed from NYC regarding lifestyle and hospitality?