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Do Soy Wax Candles Expire?

Simply put, yes soy candles do expire. However, depending on the types of candles you have stashed in your cabinet, the answer can be a little more complicated. Let’s get quickly move down the facts.

Do some waxes last longer?

Yes, some do. Paraffin wax candles tend to last years in comparison to plant based waxes. Examples of plant based waxes are soy, coconut, apricot and beeswax.

Now you may immediately want to lean toward only buying paraffin wax candles over plant ones because of this fact. But keep in mind that paraffin wax is a byproduct of fossil fuel production. Meanwhile plant based waxes are sustainable and all natural.

Same with fragrance oils vs. essential oils. Fragrance oils (synthetic) tend to be stronger and longer lasting than solely essential oil candles. And depending on the wax used - the bonding of certain waxes and fragrances can allow the scent to last longer.

Essentially if your personal health and sustainability matters to you - I would stick to plant based waxes. In order to get full advantage of the candles you purchase, you should burn them within 12-16 months of having them.

At Nose Best, we use soy wax for our candles because of its sustainability. And we use a mix of non-toxic fragrance oils and essential oils for a dynamic and powerful scent throw.

Is there a reason why candles expire?

Candles don’t rot and smell rancid when they expire. It’s not like a leftovers you accidentally forgot about in the back of your fridge.

The candles fragrance just slowly drifts away and becomes more faint. If your candle is colored, then the color will begin to fade. At that point your new favorite scent has become, in a way, unusable.

Can I use expired candles?

I mean you can, but it might not be a pleasant experience. The scent might have changed to something unpleasant. The wax could possibly shift into a different color (if it hasn’t already). And if the wick won’t sustain a flame then it’s basically past it’s prime.

At this point, we think you should completely remove the wax and reuse the jar for another necessity in the home. Maybe a stylish pen holder for your desk! BUT if you don’t mind the shift in scent and color then why not use it? You do what your heart desires.

Can I make my candles last longer?

Absolutely! The most effective way to store candles is in a cool and dark space. UV light makes the scent and color of a candle breakdown. So by hiding them away, when you’re not using them, you’ll be slowing down the degrading process.

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