Donating clothes isn’t an excuse for a shopping spree

In the blink of an eye, you have finished right where you left off; a closet full of crap that will inevitably go out of style. You have put off decluttering your closet for months and have finally found the motivation to complete the task. Immediately, after you get home from donating, you visit every fast-fashion website and order the latest trends.

Say NO to impulsive consumerism

And enjoy the simplicity of a clear space. As a self-proclaimed clean freak, my bedroom is a visual reflection of my mood. You can sense the overactive thoughts inside scattered clothes on my floor. Mugs and papers wrestling on my desk while my laundry is stacked up until I’m on my last pair of underwear. It’s not until I lasso my mess into submission that I find a sense of calm. And to get rid of useless items would just bring me more clarity.

So then why buy more garbage afterwards to then eventually put in the trash?

Tomas Charmorro-Premuzic writes in The Guardian about The psychology of impulsive shopping: “… products, and especially brands, play the role of symbolic trophies that consumers use to consolidate their self-concept and communicate it to others. Corporate marketing teams are the seductive showgirls on your Instagram feed that flash shiny new products in your face until we make the impulse to purchase the media's standard of coolness. Keeping up with the keep up can be taxing not only on your mental health, but also your checking account. And by the time you’ve ripped the tags off your freshly purchased over-sized tee and style your beautifully dyed neon green roots, you’ve become consumed with consumerism.

Take definitive action against trends.

If you have the will power to simply ignore ads and the latest fads being sported by celebrities & loved ones, then good for you! But if that’s not your jam then you need to take action against outside influence.

1: Limit yourself to 1 article of clothing per month! Heck, make it every two! Realizing what you own already is sufficient enough. But give yourself permission to spend money on new pieces that enhances your wardrobe.

2: DO YOUR RESEARCH! You have power as a consumer and you should not be giving your paycheck to a company that doesn’t align with your values. Do you support companies that manufacture in your country? Do you want to support companies who utilize sweatshops for cheap labor? Do you want to support companies that make an effort to save the environment? Making these decisions will limit your scope of where you spend your money and you’ll be more educated about your purchases.

3: Create savings goals for yourself! It’s important for you to prioritize your spending. All of that money you threw at fake jewelry could have been collected, saved, and put towards your dreams. You might want to start a business, go back to school, purchase a car, or even replace your nasty couch for a new one!

All of these tactics are easier said than done. Trust me, I have had to go through my own journey to discover my faults and apply the tips above. But these are all things I have done to put myself back on track. So take it one step at a time and you’ll be able to take control of your decisions.

What have you done to stop useless spending?

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