From Zero to, Sustainable is Attainable

I started writing this article when I began my “zero-waste” journey in May 2020. I was under the impression that this entire movement was mostly about personal health, household green swaps, and organic foods. Fast forward to September 2020, I have retired the term “zero-waste” and learned that sustainability is more than a movement in your kitchen but it’s an empowered state of mind forcing you to search for transparency from anyone trying to sell you something.

Sustainability is a topic that has greatly impacted me as a consumer and now as a business owner of Nose Best Candles. In order to learn more I set up an interview with #FITalumni and #J.Crew brand creative Juliana Mazza to learn more about her sustainability journey! I am truly thankful for her wisdom on this topic which definitely led me to reassess my green vocabulary and give myself some grace in not being zero-waste “perfect”. Follow her @indiejem on the gram.

B: Hot Topic… why do you prefer to use the term sustainability vs zero waste? Zero-waste is THE buzz word I’ve found so many people using to describe their lifestyles on IG and Youtube.

JM: Zero waste started as a term and initiative for major corporations. However, it somehow got handed off to the consumer as an identity. The trash we produce as consumers is important to take into consideration and reduce but major corporations produce SO much more and therefore, it’s very important we keep them accountable.