Girl, Get Your Money! Advice from Working Women!

An article written by NoseBest Founder, Brittany Furnari

Why is it that young women asking and negotiating for raises, fair salaries, and an extra dollar always feels somewhat taboo? As a seasoned hospitality professional I have worked in many “boys club” spaces and have managed to level up in salary and titles despite the politics. This is probably the same for many industries from tech to politics, and here are the 5 things you need to know before sitting down with your boss or manager to request a pretty penny.

1: Be confident in you and what you bring to the table. You know your worth and more times than not they know it too. However, we live in a capitalist society so no one is going to just give you more money for being great- they’re going to take advantage of you and not pay you accordingly- it is a business after all. You need to advocate for you, sis. List all the things you’ve done right and slayed at.

2: GO HIGH. Say something you think is ridiculous.

Go out of your comfort zone by an extra 1k or 5k if your looking at salary or fuck it 10 dollars higher if you're hourly. MEN DO THIS SH*T ALL THE TIME! Channel your BDE and ask for the most!

3: Negotiate with a smile on your face.

This is similar to the “kill them with kindness” proverb. Don’t look down, don’t tap your leg, or do any of your nervous ticks because this might be a little awkward. Normalize asking money to do your role that you achieve and excel at.

4: Know your timing.