Good Time Pilates: Move your body to improve Mental Health!

When this interview was conducted, we were only dealing with one pandemic. During the times of the coronavirus and police brutality crises, doing what you can to improve/maintain your physical and mental health is crucial. So the NoseBest team had reached out to our good friend Sam Miles! She is the founder and owner of Good Time Pilates right here in NYC, but classes are available all around the world! We asked her about the power of pilates, and sustaining your mental health! Check this out!

Q: Quarantine has weighed heavily on individuals mental health. How can moving your body improve your overall mood?

S: I think a hard part about movement is that we often criticize ourselves if we aren’t doing “hard” or “intense” workouts, and therefore we don’t move at all. As NY-ers, our lives revolve around walking and using our bodies for transportation, so with that taken away it feels hard at times to want to do anything. Being a bit kinder with ourselves during this time and deciding to just move, no matter how intense or gentle (even stretching!) can be super beneficial to our mental health. You taking that 5 minutes to yourself to breathe deeper, stretch, or hold a plank is the best act of self care.

Q: Self-motivation is a struggle in or out of a pandemic. Where does someone develop the courage to keep up their fitness?

S: The key word here I think is fitness. Going back to the first question, how we place certain expectations on what fitness is and how hard things should be, we aren’t really setting ourselves up to be motivated. Start with small goals, accomplishing those will give you that confidence to increase and smash your bigger ones!

Q: What are the benefits of pilates? Why is Good Time Pilates the place to go for it?

S: I could go on for ages about how amazing Pilates can be for both your physical and mental health, but my main takeaway from Pilates is the connection of both. That mind/body connection, gaining mobility, strength, and understanding how your body can function optimally is so fun! Good Time Pilates is just that, making the movement and thought process less daunting and confusing and just really trying to have a good time, giggle a little, and break a sweat.

Q: How has it been teaching pilates through the internet? Have there been any breakthroughs or challenges?

S: Teaching online has been a challenge for sure. I am a tactile teacher, so I gain so much information from touch cueing and seeing bodies in real life. But I’ve had to focus on my verbal cueing skills to really portray the sensations and movements I want from my students and it has deepened my overall understanding of Pilates in a big way. I still get all giddy when I have a student get that “aha” moment. They feel something for the first time, or something clicks in their brain and they just get it. It’s the best feeling!

Q: Now that you have created a start-up, what are you looking to accomplish in the first year?

S: I am not a very tech/social media savvy person to begin with, so this entire start up has been an adventure so far! I am learning so much about the aspects of running a business from behind a screen and I am loving it! My goal for the next year is to really spread the word about Good Time and make Pilates a much broader and accepting market. Every single body can benefit from Pilates, and I want to prove that it can be fun and silly as well as focused and beneficial.

Go check out Good Time Pilates now and start your pilates journey now!

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