How our generation is hustling from coast to coast!

Our generation has become numb to the state of the world being unsteady. From the crash of our economy to the lives lost in a pandemic, how do we hold onto what we have and make it work? We spoke with artist, choreographer and freelancer Angel Blanco to talk to him about his personal experiences and opinions on the world as we know it.

Everyone views New Yorkers as having this intense hustle. Have you noticed a shift in your hustle moving back to Puerto Rico from NY?

Not really, I feel like the hustle will follow you where ever you go. But, NYC did teach me how to increase my ability to hustle. 

After spending years away from home, what are your new goals for your career in PR?

I have a lot, but I’ll mention a few. To create a space for others and myself to feel comfortable in our artistic expression. To create communities where art is shared and used as a tool for healing. To be able to share my knowledge with others and learn from their own. Essentially to reconnect with the land.

How has dance changed for you in the mix of a global pandemic? How would you describe the current state of Puerto Rico?

Dance will always be ever-changing, and I can’t particularly say that my relationship to how it feels in my body once I'm in it has changed. But, what has changed has been the forms of performance. It feels like a new door has been opened and the possibilities for expression are almost limitless. It’s taken something that was crafted in a closed environment and has placed it upon the real world as its stage.