How to be zero-waste on the go!

We navigate our daily routines making decisions that we may think are innocent, but they're actually killing our earth: things like accepting plastic straws with your iced tea or double bagging your groceries. So what do we do in order to avoid accepting waste into our lives? Be prepared! As someone once said “If you stay ready, you don’t have to get ready.” So we called upon our new friend Armelle Ferguson! A sustainable stylist, helping women build a killer wardrobe guilt-free. By taking away the overwhelm of sustainable fashion, and simplifying wardrobe building.

Q: What’s a mistake people make going zero-waste Armelle?

The biggest mistake most beginners make when trying to implement a new lifestyle: they buy stuff. Even when it comes to a zero-waste lifestyle. Counterintuitive, I know! But it’s not our fault;

we live in a society where we are constantly being sold all types of solutions to all types of problems. There are hundreds of lists of products you absolutely need to buy before starting your zero-waste journey. Well here is the good news: you don’t need to buy anything, you can start right where you are with what you have.

Q: What’s the goal of a zero-waste lifestyle?

The whole point of a zero-waste lifestyle is to create less waste, use less resources, and maximize what you have on hand. There are a few items that’ll help you do that, and I like to call them my essentials; but it’s important to remember: only buy what you truly need - my zero-waste coffee tips won’t apply to those who don’t drink coffee. So just to be clear: even though I have my zero-waste essentials, you can start with what you already have, and it can work just as well!

Armelle's List!

Reusable Shopping Bags

This is an obvious one, especially if you live in Europe like I do, as we now have to pay for single-use plastic bags. Reusable shopping bags are great, and they are an easy way to reduce the amount of plastic we take into our homes. The biggest challenge is probably to get into the habit of bringing them to the shop - I know I’ve been guilty of buying extra reusable bags, because I had forgotten mine at home.

To take it further, I like to have reusable canvas bags for other errands than groceries. A lot of purchases come with unnecessary bags, and we don’t always think about it. So I make sure I bring my bags when picking up my takeaway food, when fashion shopping; and I also have a cute foldable bag in my handbag, for the odd impulse purchase.