Ones Trash is Two Lesbians Treasure: Refurbish old furniture!

REFURBUTCH is a refurbishing and recycling start-up being operated by two Brooklyn artists, Luca D'angelo and Justice Apple. After stooping for some time, the “Not your average Home Depot Lesbians” have taken abandoned furniture and given them such a head-to-toe beauty makeover that even Kleinfeld was shook! Follow their work @refurbutches

What inspired you to begin REFURBUTCH?

I have been into picking up furniture and decorations from the street for years now. But ,in January 2019, I met my good friend Justice, who is the other half behind REFURBUTCH. I quickly realized we both have a love for stooping and a good eye. A month after we met, Justice got a work studio and in the months following I found that we were constantly moving found items into the studio and touching them up to furnish the space. This summer we noticed people throwing out really great furniture that was either in perfect condition or very easily fixable and just needed some love. We would go out and roam the streets of Williamsburg/Greenpoint with Justice’s beachcomber. Then we started following @stoopingnyc and checking it frequently to see what was around us that we could run and grab. Before we knew it, the studio was piling up with found furniture: tables, coffee tables, side tables, desks, chairs, shelves, decorative items and more!

While we used a lot of those things to furnish/decorate the studio, we had a lot of other things we weren’t utilizing and could do without. We didn’t want to put them back on the street just to get thrown out again. So we decided we should create an Instagram account dedicated to selling found and refurbished furniture. The name REFURBUTCH is a gay play on the word “refurbish” because we’re lesbians who refurbish furniture.