“Over-Saturation” is an excuse to do nothing!

If you are too concerned with how “oversaturated" an industry is, you have already accepted defeat. Assuming you follow colleagues, companies, and public figures on media platforms that all share content that revolve around your preferred career; you may find yourself overwhelmed by the abundance of material that you did not create. You then may catch yourself saying “They are so much more successful than me, how can I even compete?”

Understand your position in the world

And it is most definitely not conquering it. Having access to unlimited visual information can become overwhelming. It makes you feel small because you’re watching other people do what you love with abnormally large audiences. Whether anyone wants to admit it or not, we’ve all had sulking moments where we wish we could be the Kylie Jenner of our industry. And in order for you to leave that self deprivation behind, you need to accept your size in this world. Once you do that, where do you go? How do you start working toward your goals?

Understand you are not adding to the saturation

The internet makes us feel as if we are competing with the world. Meanwhile, it’s actually just yourself and surrounding individuals at your level. If you are starting a wedding dress boutique on Long Island, your competition is not the top ten most followed wedding dress shops in the country. Your competition is most certainly not Kleinfeld! You may just be comparing yourself to others that just so happen to be in your face every time you log onto Instagram. And that’s not a healthy practice to upkeep.

What to do?

1: Clear out the noise on your media platforms and hone in on companies/entities who inspire your creative mind. Lean on friends and family who support you and will be there when you need someone to bounce ideas off of.

2: Sit yourself down and begin to brainstorm all of your ideas. Do what I did: buy giant foam cork boards, tape them to your wall, and start pinning looseleaf filled with your thoughts. It’s meaningful to write and present yourself with your work.

3: Make your game plan! There is no race with anyone or even yourself. Take everything day by day with deadlines and hold yourself accountable. You have to want your dreams more than anyone else, so do what you need to do while practicing self-care to avoid burnout or stress.

At the end of the day, if you don’t like what you’re creating, guess what? You can start over again. Pivot your vision. Throw out ideas because a new one was better. You are in control. So take advantage of that.

What have you already done to work toward your goals?

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