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The best candles for a dinner date at home

Are you ready to get back into the dating scene? Are you nervous that the dating apps won’t work for you again? If you meet someone, how will you sweep them off their feet?

Dating in 2023 should be about meeting new people, exploring each other's interests, and creating memories together. But how can we achieve this if online dating has become an ingenuine and sometimes unsafe place? Especially for LGBTQ+ folks — trans people, in particular — need a supportive environment so they can be themselves and connect with others.

That's why for this Valentine's Day we’re teaming up with our friends at HER. The best trans dating app for a judgment-free zone where you can find people like you and who respect you. So get out there you wild kids and find some love because we got a date night at home to plan.

What are the 3 ingredients to creating the best date night possible? You guessed it - scent, music, and a cocktail!

Let's set the mood:

When I’ve met someone I really love hanging out with, I’m always plotting ways to impress them. One thing I love doing is creating an intimate night-in at my place. And the easiest way to set the ambiance for the perfect date night is by stepping up your candle game.

Our cheeky candles come with a curated spotify playlist and cocktail recipes. You can enjoy a multi-sensory experience that creates the mood for you. So you don't have to think twice about what music to play or what drinks to offer.

Explore our entire library of playlists with your date to start up conversations about what music genre they like most, who their favorite artist is, and what they like to rock out to when no one is looking. Music connects us in so many nostalgic ways and is full of memories we can share with a new partner.

While you're chatting about music you can shake up a delicious cocktail that's inspired by our candle scents. We provide you with step by step instructions that will start your night off with a “bang” so to speak.

With that all said, let's dive into our Top 3 Nose Best Valentines Day candles to transform your home into a romantic dinner dating spot.

Little Spoon: Green Tea + Lemongrass

If you plan on cooking or ordering food, then our Little Spoon candle will be the perfect sidekick to the aromas of a delicious dinner. A bright and fresh scent, that isn’t so overwhelming to the nostrils, will set the tone for engaging conversations. You can expect notes of Jasmine, Ozone, and Light Musk to compliment the show stopping Green Tea + Lemongrass scent.

Silver Fox: Coconut + Smoked Suede

If the idea is to dim the lights and romance it up, Silver Fox will surely make it a night to remember. This rich and musky scent is what every person dreams their masculine counterpart smells like. You can expect notes of Leather, Moss, and Almond to enhance the bold Coconut + Smoked Suede scent.

Bitch Goddess: Lemon Verbena + Cactus Flower

If you’re looking to keep things casual and fun, then our Bitch Goddess candle will do just that. A citrus and green scent that’s perfect to have while playing board games, watching Netflix, or relaxing in the living room. You can expect notes of Aloe, Sugar, and Agave to lift up the relaxing Lemon Verbena + Cactus Flower scent.

Check out all of our cheeky candles or our astrology collection to see all of your wonderful options!

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