"The city is your gym," with personal trainer Chris Kubick

Fitness spaces in NYC are intimidating for many people. Plus, the message of "overall well-being" gets lost in the mix of vanity goals and high-end workout attire. But just like any city, there are small pockets filled with unique experiences. Chris Kubick, a personal trainer in NYC, uses the outdoor spaces in order to remove people from the awkward gym experience. His style allows you to challenge yourself physically, while also making you feel like you're training for the circus. (as you scroll through the article you'll see what I mean)

Q: What made you want to start a career in personal training? What's your training style like?

A: I think growing up and having some amazing coaches, super enthusiastic gym teachers and my active dad is what first inspired to pursues fitness as a career. I remember thinking it was amazing that it was someone’s job to teach others how to move and how to be happy. I always felt so thankful and amazed by the energy gym coaches could pass onto you. I remember hoping someday I wish I could make others feel the way my gym coach who pushed me to run my best mile made me feel. Like I did it on my own, but at the same time couldn’t do it without him.

My style of training is collaborative, interactive and well - personal. I want to know what makes a person feel strong, and where or how they feel weak - and bridge the gap between those divides. To bring strength and confidence into as much of their physical ability, and overall demeanor as possible.

I’ve also worked in physical therapy before so I’m very sensitive to modifying exercises for people - and I would never ask of / or let anyone do anything unsafe with their bodies. I know personally, my gym teachers and coaches always got the best out of me when they made what we were doing fun, and a challenge we were facing together. My favorite running coach, used to run around town with us. My gym teachers who joined teams and play dodgeball with us. When somebody who loves movement and has experience is working, and playing with you I personally believe it brings out the best in your ability. =I know that’s what always worked to bring out my best.

Q: What's your favorite workout to do?

A: My favorite work-out, currently, is anything calisthenics related, also handstands / arm balancing and any partner body weight, or acro based workouts. I spent the past decade immersing myself into climbing, parkour, acro, hip hop and contemporary dance, and circus arts (aerial silks and Chinese pole) workouts, I’ve also been a runner and cyclist most of my life.

Picking a favorite work-out is impossible - they all inform each other, improve different aspects of my mental/physical awareness, and challenge me towards the next level in my fitness journey. If I could clone myself, my other half would also be taking a ton of martial arts classes because they cover so many important areas of mobility and perception.