"The Glossier of Witch Shit" is finally here!

Bwitch is an upcoming NYC start-up here to teach you how to manifest your inner strength and serenity through the helpful powers of crystals. MK Fullerton and Vivian Harwood have started this project to normalize the practice and prove you don't need a broom and cauldron to start your holistic journey. Here's what they had to say about their personal experiences in the practice and starting the company.

Q: What inspired you to start Bwitch? What’s your mission?

As lovers of the natural world we truly believe in its healing benefits. That being said, there is a stigma on the term witchcraft that scares off most people. People are not so quick to participate because they think that it's satanic or too hippy. Our mission is to refit the word witchcraft as a form of self care. We want people to be able to appreciate the power of crystals and herbology but without the religious attachment.

Q: What is the biggest misconception of your industry?

We think the biggest misconception of the industry is that every person has to follow the same witch path and must do so in this manner, with these steps, and you have to be a witch to do so and all that BS. The craft is a “choose your own adventure” type of experience. Everyone practices differently.

"As long as no harm is done, there is no “wrong” in modern witchcraft. " - MK Fullerton