Why working out isn't as scary as you think!

Even though we are on the tail ends of quarantine, we are far from going back to "normal living," So what is one to do in order to make sure that they are staying healthy in the digital age? Emi Gutgold has been one of the many pioneers who have flipped the fitness industry on its head! Taking your daily workout into your home! Heres what she had to say about overcoming fears, starting your fitness journey, and much more helpful insight.

Why is fitness important to you? And why should it be important for others who don’t consider it essential?

Fitness is important in the same way eating vegetables, getting my flu shot, and listening to my doctor is important to me. I use fitness as a tool to help improve and maintain my quality of life. I've had a lot of ups and downs with my body. I was obese for most of my childhood, developed an eating disorder in high school, and then spent a lot of my college years drinking heavily. It took me a long time to make the connection that our quality of life is really affected by our health. I use the same approach for my students too. The fitness industry, despite all its good intentions, sometimes has us believe that fitness equates to looking hot or reaching a certain aesthetic. But really, fitness should always be about achieving optimal health. I often joke "health is wealth" but it's true! 

At the core of my why, is always about helping students move in a way that helps build strength and confidence so they can live their lives with more energy and more vibrancy. When you're healthy, it shows up as happiness.