The scent you find while driving in an 8 yr old Jeep wrangler through the mountains of Puerto Rico. As you reach the peak- there appears a silver haired demi-god over the horizon. He has a finely trimmed chest that glistens in the sun. His vintage denim brings you in a state of utter arousing awe. You make eye contact as you slowly pass him on the opposite side of the road and he sends you a wink through the passenger side window. 


Enchanting Aromas of Oakmoss & Amber will enhance your space with natural earth vibes. This blend is infused with sage, oaksmosss, and amber to bring the magic of enchanting vines and hiking trails to your space. Ideal for both small and large spaces.


Characteristics: Rugged + Captivative


Mountain Daddy

  • 8oz jar: 2.5 inches wide by 3.75 inches tall. 40 - 50 hr burn time. 


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