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2 candle scents that are better than pumpkin spice

Halloween lovers, this one is for you. I have two scents that are better than pumpkin spice – and they’re both ideal for the spooky season! These candle scents will get you in the mood for fall, without all of the overwhelming hype about pumpkin spice. Plus, they’re a great way to switch things up from your traditional autumn candles.

OMG I'm Dead - Black Currant & Stone

If you have ever wanted a fruity cologne-scented candle, then I have answered your howls! This candle's main event is a sensual black currant and a stoic stone fragrance. Black currant is known for being a luxurious and sophisticated scent, while the stone is more grounding. Combined, they make the perfect gothic fragrance for any Halloween lover. Other notes are Black Tea, Amber, and Dark Musk.

Witching Hour - Apple Harvest & Birch

Nothing screams Halloween like a candle scent inspired by an iconic witch who hands poisonous apples to innocent princesses. When smelling this candle you'll immediately get Macintosh apples. But don't worry, this isn't a one-dimensional candle. The White Birch comes in right away to give the scent some depth and intrigue. Together, these two scents make a candle that is perfect for both fall and Halloween. Other notes are Pear, Cypress, and Mint

Don't forget! All of our candles come with Spotify playlists and cocktail recipes so that you can remix your senses and get the party started with your friends and family this Halloween season. Let us know what you think of our limited edition candles once you've burned them!

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