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Hey there, we're Nose Best!

We are a proud POC, Queer, and Woman-led candle start-up born in Harlem during quarantine and moved to Bushwick Brooklyn in 2021. Our mission is to "remix your senses" by providing you a multi-sensory experience with each handcrafted candle.

Every enchanting fragrance blend is paired with a curated Spotify playlist and cocktail recipe. So whether you're having a few friends over, or having an evening to yourself, we provide the vibe so that you can sit back, relax and burn at your own enjoyment. 


Now just because we like to party, doesn't mean we like making a mess. We reuse and recycle anything that we obtain in our production process. We hope, as we grow in scale, to become more aware of our carbon footprint and waste output. We want to have an impact on the candle industry, not on our earth.

Thanks for reading and welcome to the Nose Besties Club. 

Cheeky Regards,

Brittany + Cristian

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