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Are Soy Candles Bad For Your Health?

The simple answer to this question is no.

But it is important to understand what your candles are made out of. Like if the fragrances are non-toxic - meaning there's no mutagens, carcinogens, or other cancer causing elements in their formulation.

Another huge factor in knowing if your candle contains toxins in the wax. Understanding the difference between soy wax vs. paraffin wax is a key factor into knowing if your candle is bad for your health.

Once you've finished spiraling down the internet about what's bad for you, let's talk about the benefits of candles. I love having candles for their aromatherapy properties and the ambiance they provide for my home. So let's take a trip down the list of 3 benefits you can have by burning candles.

1: Candles can calm your worries:

Most people tend to gravitate for scents like Lavender and Bergamot due to their anti-anxiety benefits. Lighting a candle with this fragrance, or another with a similar affect, can help relieve stress after a long day.

And I don't know about you, but I love having multiple candles burn with the lights dimmed. I feel at ease being able to watch the gentle candle flame dance around the jar. Something about this visual soothes my nerves and eases tension.

There's a reason why so many spas and fitness studio utilize candles during classes/sessions. It's because of their ability to help people zone out and be present in the moment.

My favorite candle to help me relieve stress is our lavender and sage candle, Big Spoon.

The notes of chamomile, sage, camphor, lavender, and cedar truly help minimize my anxieties. Especially if I've had too much coffee that day.

2: Candles can help with concentration:

Utilizing fragrances such as mint, orange or cinnamon can improve your focus. I usually like to have essential oil blend roll-ons to put on my skin if I'm on-the-go. But candles or reed diffusers with these fragrances in a office space are perfect to keep close by.

I also find that having various fragrances around while I'm working on creative projects really help pull me into the world I'm trying to manifest.

There's something beautifully ritual about curating a work space that encourages you to be the best version of yourself. You may be surprised what simulating all of your senses can do for your productivity.

3: Candles can jog your memory:

Sense memory can be super powerful. It's crazy how our personal associations with fragrance and bring back memories at light speed.

You'll smell your favorite desert when you pass a bakery and BAM your brain plays images in your head before you can come up with the name of the baked good you just smelt.

So why not curate an arsenal of candles in your home that solely bring back happy memories from past vacations or milestones? So if you're ever feeling low about life, you can reach for one of these candles to help boost your spirits.

Find your next favorite candle!

We hand pour all of our 100% soy candles in our candle shop in Bushwick Brooklyn. Each candle is free of any parabens, mutagens, carcinogens, plastics and artificial dyes. It's important for us to make candles that are strong and unique, but are also free of any bad toxins. You shop are cheeky collection or zodiac collection right here at Nose Best!

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